Welcome to Akashmitra

Akashmitra is an association of of amateur astronomers based in Pune.
c/o National Institute of Ophthalmology
1187/30, Off. Ghole Road,
Near Phule Museum,
Shivajinagar, Pune 411005, INDIA

Normal meeting frequency: Every Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Normal activity: Scheduled lectures or practical sessions

Notifications: Notifications of our scheduled activities are posted on this website regularly along with our official Facebook page:


Please note that National Institute of Ophthalmology (NIO) has kindly allowed us to use their premises for our meetings and activities. Please do not call NIO for any Akashmitra activities – the staff there is not likely to know.

Quickest way to get information about meeting times and plan of activities is to check and join us on our open group on Facebook called as Akashmitra. Someone will reply.

Our official email id is : pune.akashmitra@gmail.com

You can also send an email to the following people:

Dhruv Paranjpye: dhruvparanjpye@gmail.com

Google map showing location of Akashmitra –



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