Hello all,

Akashmitra will host its first public star party of this new astronomical season on Saturday 17th October, 2015 at Pirangut, Pune.

                                      Actual site photo

A star party as many would know is a night of observing the celestial objects in the sky ranging from the Moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. This weekend, we will observe famous objects such as the moon, planets such as Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Andromeda galaxy, open clusters or the great Orion Nebula. This list isn’t exhaustive given that there are many more interesting objects which astronomy enthusiasts love looking at.

We also encourage you to get your DSLR cameras along with tripods if you can so that you can learn and do Astrophotography. Our members will be able to help you and guide you in taking good photographs of the night sky and night sky objects.

Following are the details of registration:

1     Registration charges:  Rupees 100 per person. 40 rupees will be for midnight tea/snacks. The remaining 60 will be further used for providing star maps, winter objects list and event charges. Registration will be on first-come-first-serve basis.

2)     When to register: Register before 9pm on Friday 16th Oct, 2015.

3)     How to register: You may register by sending an email to and mention your name, whether you would be accompanied by anybody (if yes, their names) and contact number. It is mandatory to mention the above details to be registered. You may pay the registration charges directly at the star party.

4)     Location of star party and transport: Below is the link to the location of our star party. It is a farmhouse of Dr. Shrikant Kelkar, veteran ophthalmologist of India and Akashmitra’s founder member. He has very generously allowed us to use this place for all our astronomy activities for more than 10 years now.

The above link has a detailed route to reach this place. Given its proximity to Pune city, we don’t provide transportation. However you may contact our member Nikhil Sharma (9923140148) or Dhruv Paranjpye (7875947669) and see whether there is anybody with whom you can carpool. There is enough parking space.

The star party is conducted with giving security and safety the first priority. The location is well protected by locals and the star party is conducted on the farmhouse terrace. This way we take care that nobody has to worry about grassland creatures in the dark.

Once you register, you will get all details of the star party such as the plan of program, what to bring, when to arrive and when to depart.