On 30th Decemeber 2010 we had pretty good response for group discussion.

An article from Sky and Telescope magazine was read, questions were also raised. The idea behind these sessions is that to have brainstorming discussions on various topics, the questions will be raised by the members and answered by the members.

For coming Thursday on 6th January 2011 we will have discussion on some of the questions which were raised during the last lecture and then proceed with the lecture on comets.


1) What are baileys beads? What is diamond ring? Why is it seen?

2) What is the 11 year solar cycle? is the Sun a variable star?

3) Is the Sun a black body? (Stefan-Boltzmann Law?)

4) What are coronal mass ejections?

Topic for GD on 13th January 2011

Swapnil will talk about measuring heights of lunar mountains.

(For better understanding brush up your basic trigonometry and quadratic equations.)

Jameer will initiate discussion on Visual Observation of Meteor shower & calculating ZHR

Anshul Gupta on use of spectrography in solar eclipse and its implications.