29th October, 2015: Nikhil Sharma will talk on the constellations of Pegasus and Aquarius in our regular meeting.He will discuss what objects to see in these constellations and how to spot them either in a binocular or telescope. Nikhil had discussed this idea in our previous sessions to talk on different constellations and see what all they contain in terms of star clusters, nebulae or galaxies. This will help everyone know their sky better and enjoy its beauty.The meeting will be at 6:45pm at NIO. Please do ask the security guard at NIO on where it is in the premises.


Akashmitra’s 1st public star party of the new astronomy observing season of 2015-16 was held on Saturday 17th October, 2015 at Pirangut.

8th October, 2015: 

Our member Dhruv Paranjpye will talk on the different winter constellations and objects one can easily observe with a binocular/telescope.
There will be 2 categories of objects(or targets):
1) Telescope/Binocular viewing and Astrophotography targets
2) Study objects such as variable stars.


Photos of the talk: