Poster for Public Talk on Astrosat

Akashmitra and the Fergusson College ASTRO club have jointly organized a public talk on India’s first dedicated astronomical satellite “ASTROSAT” on 14th September, 2015 by Prof. Dipankar Bhattacharya from IUCAA, Pune.  Prof. Bhattacharya has been closely involved with the ASTROSAT mission and has contributed in designing of the coded mask imaging elements and data pipeline and analysis software. A leading Astrophysicist from IUCAA, Prof. Bhattacharya’s interests include Neutron Stars, Supernova Remnants and Gamma Ray Bursts. According to him, success of ASTROSAT will see no competition in the next few years.

The satellite’s launch is scheduled for 28th September, 2015 by ISRO using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

The mission is capable of performing observations in Ultraviolet (UV), optical, low and high energy X-ray wavebands at the same time. This mission will be the first one to be operated as a space observatory by ISRO. Along with ISRO, Indian institutes such as IUCAA, TIFR, IIA and RRI have also contributed to this mission. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Univ. of Leicester (UK) too have collaborated with India for this mission.

The event will be graced by Principal, Fergusson College, Dr. R.G. Pardeshi,  Director, IUCAA Dr. Somak Raychaudhari & Director, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai  Arvind Paranjpye.

Join us for this exciting talk on India’s 1st dedicated astronomical satellite.

Entry is free.