24th Sept, 2015: There is a lot of excitement about India’s ASTROSAT satellite which is to be launched on 28th Sept, 2015. Akashmitra also organized a public talk on ASTROSAT by one of its team members, Prof. Dipankar Bhattacharya from IUCAA, Pune. Owing to this excitement on ASTROSAT, our member Prakhar Srivastava will talk on the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)  using which ASTROSAT will be launched. Prakhar is an aerospace engineer and has a tremendous knowledge on such launching vehicles and will be happy to talk on the history and success of PSLV in India. It will be fascinating to hear about the PSLV system and the way a satellite is launched using it, in this talk. Below is the poster.

NB: Our weekly meetings have been shifted to 6:45pm of Thursdays instead of Saturdays from now.

poster          Astrosat

19th Sept, 2015: Venus is once again visible in the morning hours before sunrise these days. However, have you ever wondered why Venus and Mercury are visible to the naked eye only during the pre-dawn or post-dusk times? Akashmitra members Dhruv Paranjpye & Jameer Manur will talk on this topic and answer some of these questions in our regular meeting. Do join in!


14th Sept, 2015:
Akashmitra and Fergusson College ASTRO club jointly organized a public lecture of Prof. Dipankar Bhattacharya on “India’s ASTROSAT satellite mission” at the Fergusson College, Pune.

Link to the photos and report


5th Sept, 2015: Akashmitra member Prajakta Mahajan will give a talk on “Women in Space” in our third Women in Astronomy lecture series lecture. The talk will start at 6:50pm at National Institute of Opthalmology, Pune on Saturday, 5th Sept, 2015. Below is the event poster and all details. We are extremely happy to see the response to this lecture series and at the same time how the speakers are maintaining that both genders have played equally important roles in astronomy and astrophysics.