On the evening of 22nd February, 2015 we did a sky show concurrently through 4 societies in
Aundh called “Observe the Moon“.

We had 4 teams, one for each society containing at least 2 telescopes.

All our volunteers had reached the societies by 6pm and the show was
scheduled to start at 6:30pm and end at 9pm. Everything began and
ended as planned and we had a turnout of at least 250 people for this

We showed them the crescent Moon along with Jupiter, Mars, Venus
through the telescopes and constellations like Auriga, Orion, Canis
Major and Taurus with the help of a laser pointer.
Here is how the team formations were:

Team 1: Kubera Gulshan Society
1. Meer kaka
2. Irteza Meer
3. Bharat Chouhan
4. Omkar Nikam
5. Shilpa More
6. Anuj Kankariya
7. Abhijeet Malwadkar

Team 2: Twin Towers
1. Parjanya Prashant
2. Nikhil Sharma
3. Kabir Sahane
4. Hrishikesh Kulkarni

Team 3: Kumar Padmalaya Society
1. Amol Kankariya
2. Mohini Nagardeolekar
3. Nihar Sabnis

Team 4:  Supriya Towers
1. Sana Sohoni
2. Jameer Manur
3. Dhruv Paranjpye