Akashmitra organized a 3 lecture series to decode scientifically useful information out of easily available data called “Sherlock Astronomy Lecture series”. Our members Harshad Abhyankar and Dhruv Paranjpye conducted this series. Take a look at their lecture topics and reports.

18th April, 2015: We announce a “Sherlock Astronomy” lecture series in which we will focus on how you and me can decode scientific information on the basis of simple and basic tools. The first lecture was scheduled to be given by Harshad Abhyankar on “Eclipse Maps” however for unavoidable reasons he can’t make it today. Therefore today’s session will be taken by our member Dhruv Paranjpye on “Star trails and what they tell us”. Check the poster below!

This was the first ever talk to be broadcast live on the internet! Take a look at this link for the report.

sherlock astronomy dhruv lecture

24th April, 2015: The next talk under the Sherlock Astronomy series will be given byHarshad Abhyankar who is an experienced astronomer and a long term member of Akashmitra. Harshad will talk about “Solar Eclipse Maps”. Take a look at the event poster. The talk will begin at 6:30pm at our regular location.

PS: The talk was originally to be held on 18th April but has been rescheduled to 24th April, 2015

harshad lecture copy

2nd May, 2015: Harshad Abhyankar completed his series on eclipse maps as a part of our Sherlock Astronomy series.

An eclipse map drawn by Harshad