We are pleased to announce a lecture series to commemorate the contributions of women in the field of Astronomy. After interaction with quite a few women scientists , we learned that in the early 19th century even in countries like the US, women taking education wasn’t a common sight. Astronomy then was quite a male dominated society. As times changed, people encouraged women to take education and do research as well. There have been massive contributions to the field of astronomy by women. These contributions actually were the foundations of many astronomical discoveries.

Hence, we at Akashmitra, decided to launch such a lecture series. Anybody who wishes to give a talk on any such woman is free to contact us. We strongly encourage girls and women to come forward to give such talks.

Our 3rd talk will be given on 5th Sept, 2015 by our member Prajakta Mahajan on Women in Space. Below is the link to the poster which has all the details.


Our 2nd talk was given on 22nd August, 2015 on the Harvard’s Computers by Miss. Shweta Kulkarni who is also the founder of ASTRON astronomy club in Pune. Click to see the report and photos of that talk.

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Our first lecture will be on 8th August, 2015 at 6:50pm by Miss. Vallari Shende. She will be talking on “Henrietta Levitt”, a famous astronomer who did solid work in the field of variable star astronomy.

Here is the link to Vallari’s talk.