sky pe charcha

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Our first “Sky Pe Charcha” was held yesterday i.e. 23rd May, 2015. We had Nikhil Sharma talk about his experience as an amateur astronomer and what activities he has done with Akashmitra in the past decade. Mrs. Leena Damle, one of our senior members, spoke on her astronomy experiences when she was in her college and told us how lucky the current young generation is to have access to telescopes, cameras and the internet. She also told us about her visit to Japan in 2009 when she represented India at an International Conference on Astronomy. Mr. Omkar Nikam spoke on a very interesting topic called “Cosmo-Chemistry” which is his field of interest. He said how important it is to have an inter-disciplinary approach towards science. Finally at the end, one of our very old and yet young member Sarthak Chandra who has just graduated from IIT-Kanpur spoke on how a Variable Star’s light curve can be analysed using Fourier Transformations