6th June, 2015: How did Astronomers and Physicists find out the speed of light? We all know that the speed of light (often denoted by the letter ‘c’ ) is almost 3,00,000 km/s. However, it was an effort of centuries that led man to answer this question. These efforts also form the basis for the formation of “Modern Physics” in the 20th Century. Our member Dhruv Paranjpye will be speaking on “Measuring the Speed of Light by observing the Moons of Jupiter” on 6th June, 2015. This technique can be employed by amateurs even today.

13th June, 2015: The 3rd lecture on the ongoing series “International Year of Light – 2015” will be held on 13th June. Our member Abha Vaishampayan will talk on the “Importance of Light in Astronomy” and how to is useful to find out new information. The talk is at 6:30 pm. See you all!