30th May, 2015: 2015 has been declared as the International Year of Light. Light plays a crucial role in helping us understanding the Universe and it is important carrier of information. Our youngest member Parjanya Prashant will be speaking on the “Doppler Effect and its applications in Astronomy” on 30th May, 2015.

23rd May, 2015: Calling all amateur astronomers and sky enthusiasts to participate in this open discussion called “स्काय पे चर्चा” (Sky Pe Charcha)! It as an open forum discussion in Astronomy where all of you can come and share your experiences as an astronomy enthusiast and learn new ideas/concepts from others as well. These discussions are directed towards making a healthy community of Astronomers wanting to work together beyond cities or even nations. Check our poster for more details. Here is the report of our first “Sky Pe Charcha”

sky pe charcha

16th May, 2015: Our member Mrs. Leena Damle will be talking on the Summer constellations visible from the Northern Hemisphere. She has a vast knowledge of constellations and their mythological stories from different regions. The popular constellation of Ursa Major and the Summer Triangle will be the highlight today. You must try to spot these constellations and the treasure of galaxies/open clusters/globular clusters that these constellations contain.

9th May, 2015: Special talk in Astronomy on “Images in Astronomy – Beyond Admiration” by Mr. Kaustubh Waghmare from IUCAA, Pune. Mr. Kaustubh Waghmare is a research scholar at IUCAA pursuing his PhD in Observational Astronomy. He will try his best to explain how photographs of galaxies can help to make statistical models of galaxies and enhance our understanding of them. It is important to see how photographs in Astronomy are helping professionals enhance their understanding of the Universe.

2nd May, 2015: Harshad Abhyankar completed his series on eclipse maps as a part of our Sherlock Astronomy series.

An eclipse map drawn by Harshad

An eclipse map drawn by Harshad