3rd January: Dhruv Paranjpye spoke on the fundamentals of Digital Astrophotography and how it differs from daytime photography. He also made use of the software Deep Sky Stacker to stack images of Comet Lovejoy taken from Velhe in December 2014.

10th January: Practical session on Digital Astrophotography and observational astronomy was held at Pirangut, Pune. It was an all night event where members targeted lot of deep sky objects using cameras and telescopes.

17th January: Practical session on Digital Astrophotography, estimation of Limiting Magnitude, Messier Objects star hops was held from Pirangut, India. Members of the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology’s Antriksh astronomy club and Orion Astronomy club of Infosys, Pune were also present. Vinayak Khune, member of the Orion Astronomy club of Infosys took a midnight session on digital astrophotography. Take a look at this album for the photos: 

24th January: Theoretical session on Image processing and stacking was taken by Dhruv Paranjpye and images taken from the previous two practical sessions were analysed and processed during the session.

25th January: All night Public Star Party was held at Pirangut, India. About 50 people from Pune attended the star party.