7th March : Theoretical session on Messier Marathons

Speaker: Harshad Abhyankar Details: Harshad Abhyankar is a passionate astronomer who has mastered the field of messier marathons and is one of the few international astronomers who has observed 109/110 Messier Objects in one single night.

16th March to 19th March: Messier Marathon practice sessions from Velhe, India.

20th March: 1st Messier Marathon

21st March : 2nd Messier Marathon.

28th March: One of our oldest members Abha Vaishampayan will take a session on Positional Astronomy or in simple words Sky coordinates. Like we have the Latitude and Longitude system to locate the position of a place on earth we also have a Declination and Right Ascension system (common called as RA/Dec system) to locate the position of a celestial object in the sky.