Public Star Party  on ARAI hill

on May 17, 2008

Public Star Party was conducted at ARAI hill on May 17, 2008. It was estimated that about 200 evening walkers saw the Moon, Mercury and Saturn.

The programme started at about 6:45 p.m. when the Sun was still up and so was the Moon above the eastern horizon

Kshitija Kelkar, Manasi Shah, Smita Paranjpye, Abhay Patwardhan, Amol Kankaria, Dhurv Paranjpye, Nikhil Sharma and Prakash Karmarkar, were present to show the sky using four 6 inch telescopes.

Kshitija Kelkar made Akashmitra Association address slips which were handed over to those who showed interest in the activities of AA. And Manasi Shah was pro-active in getting people interested in sky watch.

Abha Vaishampayan who could not remain with the party for long did guided us to the spot and Kanad Mandke gave his 6 inch Dexter for the programme.


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